Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Edible GLUTEN FREE

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Our signature Chocolate Chip cookie dough is Gluten Free at last! You still get our signature, buttery cookie dough and Belgian chocolate chips without those pesky grains.

  • Ingredients are premium, all-natural & non-GMO certified. They include hormone-free butter, light brown cane sugar, cane sugar, oat flour, apple sauce, Belgian dark chocolate chips, alcohol-free pure vanilla, kosher salt. Contains dairy.
  • Product is 12oz.


Note: During shipping cookie dough may warm up.  It is NOT spoiled or melted.  Just pop it in the refrigerator or freezer.  Refrigerated cookie dough will extend it's shelf life up to 6 months and freezing up to a year.  If desired warm it up and put it over ice cream.