Legacy Consultants Compensation Plan

Legacy Consultant Compensation Plan

Legacy Consultants = Founders and Consultants who signed prior to the current level advancement Compensation Plan and Consultant Agreement and opted out of moving to the new plan.

Note: By continuing to be a consultant for the Company, all Legacy Consultants are bound by and must adhere to the Consultant Agreement.


Personal Commissions:

Founders earn 30% on personal sales and 3% on first level downlines only.

Consultants earn 25% on personal sales and 3% on first level downlines only.

Level advancements and bonuses associated are not available to Legacy Consultants.

Note: All sales totals for commissions exclude taxes, shipping fees, gift card sales, consultant kits and sign up fees. 

Commission Rules and Regulations:

Legacy Consultants must have one sale per month in order to stay active.  See section 2.b of the Consultant Agreement for additional information regarding active status. 

Legacy Consultants may only collect commissions from downline sales if they have a minimum $10 in personal commission for that month.  Otherwise those commissions are forfeited for that month.  

Commissions are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. When commissions reach a total of $10 or more in a pay period, those commissions will be paid to the consultant.