Legacy Consultants Compensation Plan

Legacy Consultant Compensation Plan

Legacy Consultants = Founders and Consultants who signed prior to the current level advancement Compensation Plan and Consultant Agreement and opted out of moving to the new plan.

Note: By continuing to be a consultant for the Company, all Legacy Consultants are bound by and must adhere to the Consultant Agreement.


Personal Commissions:

Founders earn 30% on personal sales and 3% on first level downlines only.

Consultants earn 25% on personal sales and 3% on first level downlines only.

Level advancements and bonuses associated are not available to Legacy Consultants.

Note: All sales totals for commissions exclude taxes, shipping fees, gift card sales, consultant kits and sign up fees. Legacy Consultants must make $10 in personal commission for the month otherwise they forfeit their downline commissions.

Commission Rules and Regulations:

Commissions are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month via PayPal or Direct Deposit.